EDILMETAS s.r.l. is a leading company in building machinery and equipment manufacturing, off-site accommodations and buildings, prefabricated houses which can be used in constructions sites, bungalow, worksites, gym, emergencies (portable cabin flat-pack office). All our products are completely customisable. We manufacture windows and fitting since 1981, we aim to deliver only top quality products. Recently we have established a new business area in subcontractor working, we provide plasma cutting and galvanisation services. Our high-skilled workforce and team will help the customers to get simply the best service.

Double pitched roof for prefabricated house in kit

Portable Cabins office and flat pack

Insulated prefabricated containers, portable cabins or flat-pack. The prefab can be used as bungalow house, storage, garage,
box, worksite. We can personalise any detail following your specifics. Electrical system, toilet, shelter and much more.

Scaffolding and building equipment

Building machinery, equipment and scaffold

Edilmetas is a manufacturer for building machinery, equipment and certified scaffolding. High standards made in Italy.

pocket door counter frame manufacturer

SESAMO® Boxes for sliding doors

Box Shell for sliding doors. Sesamo is an EDILMETAS brand, engineered to deliver a strong frame and stability. Feel the difference. Use it a small room, save space, live better.

Italian fixtures Doors and windows

Windows, doors, garden shelter.

We use high quality PVC, Light Aluminium, Wood-Aluminium. Strength and quality. Thanks to out technology we can meet any measure requirement.


In our factory are active two galvanizing plants: STATIC and BARREL. We can galvanize big parts and small parts.

Plasma Cutting

a process used to cut all materials that conduct electricity, including structural steel, using a plasma torch.
An inert gas is blown from a nozzle at high speed and at the same time, an electric arc is established through this gas, between an electrode and the surface being cut, which transforms the gas into plasma.